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Hopefully you have had a chance to see the sample “Teardrop” street light fixtures on the 300 block of Oakwood. The Streetlight Committee wants to hear from you. Many would like to see underground wiring, ornamental poles and light fixtures but with an estimated cost of over 1 million dollars per city block that option is cost prohibitive at this time.  In the future a wireless option may be available. For now we have an option of installing these fixtures on the existing light poles as you see them.

About the Bulb – The City of Raleigh and Duke Progress Energy are phasing out the old sodium vapor light bulbs and installing LED’s. Whether we opt to go with the Teardrop fixture or not, LED bulbs will be installed.

Please complete the survey below and click the submit button at the bottom when complete. Please only one survey submission per person. This survey is for SPHO members and the National Register’s Historic Oakwood District residents/property owners only.

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Feedback Ratings
Please rate the the following statements on a scale of "Strongly Agree" to "Strongly Disagree":
The light emitted from the SAMPLE fixtures is ample lighting for the Streetscape?
The light emitted from the SAMPLE fixtures is offensive: (i.e. too bright, wrong color, etc.)
I prefer the sample "teardrop" light fixture over the old "cobra" style pole lights.
I prefer the sample "teardrop" light fixture over the new "roadway" style pole lights.
I find the new "roadway" fixtures used outside of the neighborhood too bright/too blue in light output.
The light emitted from the SAMPLE fixtures is acceptable

Raleigh’s new “Roadway” style LED street light fixture
source: Duke Energy

Sample “Teardrop” style light fixture installed in 300 block of Oakwood Avenue
source: Duke Energy

Typical “Cobra” style street light that is being phased out.

Kelvin light color scale

Image comparing warm sodium vapor street lights to cool white LED lights.