The Oakwood News is published by the Society for the Preservation of Historic Oakwood (SPHO), a nonprofit organization.

Print distribution: hand-delivered to ~850 households
Readership:  2,000+
Frequency: Published monthly (except January) 
Online: 11-year archive available in PDF format to SPHO members

All ads run in full color!

(Consecutive Monthly Ads)


1 Month

3 Months

6 Months

1 Year

Business Card

$130 $120 $110 $99

¼ Page

$200 $180 $170 $155

½ Page Horizontal

$350 $325 $300 $275

½ Page Vertical

$350 $325 $300 $275

Full Page

$500 $450 $425 $400

Premium Back Bus. Card

- - - $140

Premium Inside Front Cover Business Card

- - $135 $120


$350 - - -

Ad Dimensions (width x height):
- Full Page: 8”x10.1875”; Full Bleed 8.75” x 11.25” (live area 8.25”x10.75”)
- Half Page Vertical: 4”w x 10.1875”h
- Half Page Horizontal: 8.25”w x 5”h
- Quarter Page: 4”w x 5”h
- Eighth Page or Business Card: 4”w x 2.25”h or 3.5”w x 2”h (will be scaled up)

Art: Submit press-ready art to as a press optimized PDF file with all fonts embedded or converted to curves/outlines. High resolution JPEGs (300dpi or better, 600dpi preferred) are also acceptable. Quark, MSWord, PowerPoint and Microsoft Publisher files are NOT accepted. For scanned art, see “Scans” below.

Availability: Space availability is limited to the maximum number of ads per issue shown above. All advertising is sold on a first come, first served basis.

Cancellations: No refunds for ad cancelations after the ad deadline for any month’s publication. Ads canceled prior to the ad deadline will be credited to the end of the advertiser’s placement contract. No cash refunds for advertiser cancelations.

Color: All ads print in full process color (CMYK). No discount for black and white ads. No metallic or spot colors available.

Circulation: Hand-delivered to 850 households and mailed to 50 subscribers with an estimated readership of more than 2,000 monthly.

Deadline: Payment and ad materials are due by the 15th of the month prior to issue publication.

Inserts: Advertiser-provided, maximum size 8.5”x11” single sheet; no folded pieces or booklets without prior publisher approval; please provide 850 copies.

Non-Profit Rate: 50% discount off the “1-month” rate for 501(c)3 non-profit organizations; excludes premium positions.

Payment: ALL advertising must be paid in full, in advance. Multiple ad rates must be paid in full for all ads in advance or 6x and 11x contracts may be paid in advance quarterly. Monthly payments are only allowed at the 1x rate. All ad placement payments should be made payable to the Society for the Preservation of Historic Oakwood (SPHO).

Political Ads: No political advertising is permitted or accepted.

Position: All ads placed ROP (run of press). Only three premium business card ad positions are available on an ANNUAL contract basis: Back Cover in the Calendar of Events and inside front cover on page 2.

Scans: Camera-ready advertisements may be submitted as prints for scanning. A scanning charge of $35 will be invoiced by The Oakwood News’ design agency and will be due prior to publication.

• Rates and conditions subject to change without notice. Advertisers’ rates guaranteed for duration of executed advertising contract. Any canceled/incomplete contracts will be invoiced rate differential and due on receipt.
• Advertising set to resemble editorial matter will be marked “Advertisement.”
• The publisher reserves the right to edit or reject any advertising deemed objectionable or offensive, whether in subject matter, illustration or phraseology, at the sole discretion of the publisher.