Historic Oakwood Listserv Sign Up

The listserv is moving from Yahoo! to Groups.io. You MUST sign up for the new group to gain access.


EACH PERSON requesting access to the new Listserv must complete this form.

Building or house number ONLY.
5 digit zip code for the address listed
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Home or Cell Phone
This will be used for identity verification purposes.
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By checking "I AGREE," you attest that you are the person above and that the information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge. Additionally, by joining, posting to, or receiving messages from the Electronic Communication Service (ECS a.k.a. Listserv) you hereby agree to abide by the guidelines as set forth by the SPHO for all group members. A copy of the ECS Guidelines can be found in the file section of the group and is provided at time of membership.

IMPORTANT: Your information is NOT SAVED UNTIL you successfully submit this form and are shown the confirmation message.

Good to know...

This form is for regular SPHO members (those that reside in or own property in the City's Oakwood Historic District overlay). HONORARY & ASSOCIATE members will need to complete the broad form located HERE.  

To help protect your privacy...

The data collected here is NOT PROVIDED ONLINE to the public or other members. Your name and email address WILL BE visible to other group members (as with the old system) but not visible to non-members. This online form is for gathering of data for the Oakwood Listserv migration and other official SPHO use only.