New Bern-Edenton NCOD text change request denied

For those interested in the outcome of the public hearing on the New Bern-Edenton NCOD text change request at last night's City Council meeting, the request was denied in a 5-3 vote, with Councilors Baldwin, Crowder and Gaylord voting against the motion to deny the request.

About a dozen or so Oakwood residents attended last night's hearing.

The public hearing included questions and comments by the Mayor and Councilors, which prompted informative discussion and thoughtful consideration of the many factors prior to the motion to deny the request and the vote.

We feel the right decision was made. Some of the reasons cited included: the change being initiated by a developer and not residents, parsing out a subsection of the NCOD for the change, pursuing a change for the entire NCOD as opposed to a specific parcel, and the precedent of chipping away at long established NCODs. Additionally, we are pleased because by not changing the lot width from 30ft to 16ft, we avoid the potential risk of tear downs of historic properties not protected by historic district designation.

Thanks to all who came out to represent Oakwood and to support our CACs.